By outsourcing business travel to Bluebell you will significantly reduce your company’s costs, while enhancing your employees’ comfort and efficiency when booking travel. 


Why Bluebell?

The option to outsource travel planning is an enticing one, especially when your team is constantly heads down at work to begin with. Bluebell travel agency improves your corporate travelers’ experience by handling the entire booking process from beginning to end, offering industry expertise and service when plans go wrong.

Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Agent

Hiring a corporate travel agent can benefit business travelers and the business itself.  They can make life easier for employees on the go, with:

  • Ability to understand traveler-specific needs and challenges.
  • Flexible booking options within company guidelines.
  • Time savings.
  • Greater convenience.
  • Amenities that provide greater comfort/productivity.
  • Simple travel expense capture, submission, and reimbursement process.
  • Last-minute problems from cancelled reservations to emergencies on the fly.
  • Deeper, real-time expense reporting and management.

So, what can you expect when you hire a Bluebell for corporate travel?

Professional travel management that emphasizes streamlined processes, cost-efficiencies, and best-possible experiences for business travelers.

What we do

Bluebell Travel is a full service agency based out of Columbus, Ohio. In today’s fast changing environment, travelers are demanding improved customer service, the best rates, and incentives for their loyalty.  

At Bluebell Travel,  we can provide all of this and more.