Give Back Local

Where Did We Begin was started by Fibonacci Solutions, a software development and consulting company, in November 2020. After spending a collective 100+ years in software development and eCommerce for fortune 500 companies, we started Fibonacci Solutions in 2015, a local Raleigh company. During 2020 when all companies experienced business impact and hardship, we decided to turn our focus towards something that would benefit local and small businesses impacted during these times. We realized quickly that local small businesses needed a local presence and platform that would allow them to extend their brand and consumer awareness to a larger audience. So, after many months of designing and developing, we launched, a local marketplace for businesses selling services and products to showcase who they are and why their brand is fantastic. We want to support everyone; retailers, service providers, food & beverage, and community events. 

How Have We Evolved

Like most new endeavors, we face many challenges no matter how well we plan. However, having that solid foundational business plan around why you are doing something and how you plan to bring your dream to light is critical to help manage these challenges.  Our vision to deliver an online marketplace where businesses and consumers can come together in one echo system to collaborate, learn, and share what our local businesses and communities have to offer remains true.

In the past 12 months, we have evolved into more than just a platform connecting customers to businesses; in fact, we are on our way to becoming a true online community supporting in any way we can.  We are educating businesses on the importance of brand awareness, assisting with social media and google ad marketing, introducing google analytics, helping businesses connect, and giving back where we can to help with events and donations.  We genuinely believe in this being an excellent place for the community to see who and what may be right next door and in your backyard.

What Have We Been Up To

We are so thankful for your support and excited for the year to come!

This past year, we have grown a lot, bringing on more business, offering more features on the marketplace, and offering more personalized services to our supporting small businesses.  So what have we been doing that you may have missed? Here is a detailed list of the marketplace features, small business support initiatives, and how this community is helping to give back to the community.

  • Marketplace Features:
    • Ability to sell products leveraging STRIPE payment processing systems
    • Ability to accept PayPal transactions
    • The ability for a small services-based business to promote their business and brand (dedicated Services section)
    • Website hosting on the marketplace
    • Enahnced Product Catalogs
    • Rotating Product Category sections on the Home page
    • Ability to link your existing website to the marketplace website
    • Social Media Login feature
    • Gift Card feature
    • Redesigned Home Page
    • Beginning over the summer of 2020, started to run Google Ads promoting our local small business and their services and products
    • Enhanced our Social Media campaigns to run on average three posts a week promoting our local small business and their services and products
    • Helped many small businesses design and implement their website hosted on
    • Assisted with deploying products and services for supporting small businesses into the products catalog
    • Added enhanced SEO management
    • Added Google Analytics tracking metrics
  • Giving Back:
    • Participating in local business awareness and education groups and seminars
    • Held local blood drives
    • Started our "Give Back Local" program behind the scenes (see below)
    • Donated a "Spirit Rock" to a local Wake County public middle/high school

What's To Come - 2022

As we move into year two with, the team here has built a comprehensive road map for new features, capabilities, and services we want to offer.  Our goal is to always look for feedback and suggestions while empowering the community of customers and businesses with a marketplace they all can rely upon and trust.   Please check back here periodically to gain a better insight into what we are doing this year.  Again keep the feedback coming- we are listening and acting on your behalf.

2022 Road Map:

  • We are launching to the public our "Give Back Local" program (see below for details)
  • We are engaging with Google to build better Google Ads for you that have a higher likelihood to convert
  • Implement a HOME page refresh schedule where more content will cycle through all of the great Services & Products being offered
  • Implement BLOG feature to help educate and bring awareness to what is going on in the community
  • Create a community awareness page
  • Create a calendar feature that highlights all the great events being hosted for consumers and small businesses
  • Launch a "Small Business Education Series" where will help small business expand their brand not just on but overall

Give Back Local Program is family. It's your family and your community. It's a place where we all come together to help our local economy, but it doesn't stop there. Our family gives back to our local community!

GIVE BACK LOCAL is not something new we are doing but instead is about showcasing awareness of what we are doing and would like to do for the community. We prefer to be modest in our activities but also appreciate the importance of understanding what we are doing with both your time and our time, as well as our dollars and yours.

Our program focuses on maximizing knowledge, time, resources, and dollars in ways that will benefit a wide range of businesses, individual people, charities, and more.  So, with many conversations as a team and in networking groups with fellow business owners, we have decided to let you know what's behind the curtain.

Our most significant impact is around the dollars from your membership fees; we do not pocket it! We directly use these fees to help your neighbors, whether it's a person, family, school, or charity! We get asked for donations, sponsorships, support for families, and more. We are thrilled to support local businesses in a HUGE way through and take care of our community in the process.  For example, we recently helped a school add a spirit rock that will be a continuous fundraiser. In addition, we are currently assisting a few local military families in need with food and holiday gifts.

Small business membership is only $500 a year, so we plan and use the money wisely. Don't hesitate to contact us if you come across someone's story and want to Give Back Local; we would love to be a part of it if we can!  Below is an outline of others ways we are and plan to GIVE BACK LOCAL in 2022!

Summary of our Investment to date:

  • Marketplace licensing & development costs:  $46,219
  • Google Ads promoting our local businesses:  $5,980
  • Hours Spent Developing and Supporting  4,320 (hours)
  • Hours Spent on Social Media promoting our local businesses:  730 (hours)
  • Dropped transaction fees to a % that covers only the merchant processing fees and nothing more

Summary of what we have done and are doing to GIVE BACK LOCAL.

  • 2021:
    • Donated a "Spirit" rock to a local public wake county middle/high school
    • Hosted community blood drives
    • Portions of all membership costs paid to given back directly to military families and small businesses in need.  
    • Donated time to small businesses getting their brand, products, and services captured to be displayed on the website
  • 2022 (more ideas to come)
    • We want to launch a spotlight page to highlight how other businesses in the community are helping each other and the community we leave in.  Share your stories and let the community know how much good is out there!
    • Continue to donate membership costs paid to to military families and small businesses in need. 
    • Hold recurring (free) education sessions to small businesses on ways to help promote their brand.
    • Continue pushing Google Ads on your behalf
    • Continue pushing Social Media pushes on your behalf
    • Researching more ways to help and assist our neighbors, schools, and local businesses.

Again we cannot thank you enough.  If you have ideas on ways to give back or want to showcase how you are giving back, please let us know, and we will post to our GIVE BACK LOCAL page.