Curious Craft Collective



Hi! I'm Maggie and my business is Curious Craft Collective. There were many reasons why I started this business, but my main inspiration was that sweet, cold hard cash money $$$......... Kidding! I have always been artistic and creating makes me happy. It gives me a great outlet. 

I make a lot of wall pieces and door hangers. One of my big sellers is the "Shark Coochie Board" which is a play off the word, Charcuterie :). I also just started offering DIY kits for people to take home to paint and assemble. They are a huge hit for craft night parties lately! I spend 40 to 50 hours a week working on designs and creating products. 

Everything I make is always an expression of myself! At Valentine's Day, I had a fun product go a little bit viral locally and shared to a lot of pages. It caused a bit of a stir and people either thought it was hilarious or took offense to it. I always find that the generic items I make either never sell or perform poorly. However, spicy items that invoke an immediate reaction tend to gain a lot more traction. I often throw in generic/boring items in with my fun items. They never get purchased and it just helps validate that people prefer what I make from my heart! Which is a good feeling, but I always have to test it. Haha.

I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA, but have lived all over, such as the DC Metro area and San Francisco. I moved here for my spouse's job. I live in Fuquay now with my husband, 2 teenagers, and some pets!

My favorite food is shoyu ramen with extra egg, and my favorite drink is definitely coffee! I absolutely love The Mason Jar, especially their fish and chips, but with extra kale salad because they never give you enough. Andddd their blood orange margarita, which I went and got the first day they did takeaway mixed drinks this year. If you haven't had it, you should, it's amazing. My family and I like to vacation at Disney, it's our happy place!

I don't do quotes or sayings, or if I did it would be completely inappropriate for this platform. I love the Community Marketplace! It's an amazing space for people to come out, grab food, shop local, and listen to live music. As a vendor, I get to meet a lot of other awesome vendors too! We have a great camaraderie there. 

Come out to see me Saturdays at The Community Marketplace, especially if you are looking for something unconventional to bring home!