The Twisted Owl Boutique



The Twisted Owl Boutique is owned by Jamie Boswell, but it's a family affair with husband Kevin and son Cody by her side at most events. The two older sons, Christopher and Evan help out as they can along with Chris’ best friend Allison and Evan’s better half (girlfriend) Kymber. The Twisted Owl got its name because Jamie loves the nature and wisdom of owls and has a pretty twisted sense of humor that comes from years of working in healthcare. Sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry, right? 

Jamie is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. After surgeries and treatment, Jamie hated shopping. Nothing fit her new body correctly and and sales staff were not always friendly or accommodating. One of Jamie’s friends introduced her to LuLaRoe. The one-on-one support of a retailer and the softness and flattering aspects of the clothes sold Jamie immediately! Comfy, stylish, with a personal shopper retailer and being able to shop from the couch. Yes, please! Jamie became an avid shopper.

Here enters Perfectly Posh. Jamie’s son Christopher came home with a fundraiser. Jamie’s first thought was “Oh great! More money on stuff I don’t need”. Jamie purchased some items from the fundraiser. Deciding to try them out on her sensitive skin, Jamie loved the feel, smell, and the outcome! Her sensitive skin didn’t breakout or turn red and it felt better than ever before. So Jamie bit the bullet and signed up as a consultant. After signing up and learning even more about the products, Jamie wanted to "Posh" the people. She knew that if people just tried the products they would be hooked too! Jamie was still buying LuLaRoe during this time. At a vendor event, Jamie’s husband found a LuLaRoe retailer and purchased Jamie an outfit. After meeting that retailer and realizing that all of her clothes were LuLaRoe, Jamie decided to add that to The Twisted Owl.

The Twisted Owl also carries accessories and personalized items. Jamie loves to craft so adding these items were a no brainer. The Twisted Owl is located at Jamie’s home in Middlesex, NC. Kevin converted an area of the home into a “store” complete with it's own entrance and dressing room.  

Jamie loves to craft, read, and watch cooking shows. Kevin loves to fish and watch UNC basketball. As you can tell from the Twisted Owl set up Jamie loves pink and black! Kevin is partial to Carolina Blue!  When they are not spending time at the beach or on the water, you can find them in the boutique or at vendor events.  

They love the Community Marketplace because of the family friendly atmosphere and the people! Jamie’s dream for The Twisted Owl is not to sell everything and become a wealthy entrepreneur. Her dream is to create a community of women (and men!) who care for each other and lift each other up! Everyone is welcome at The Twisted Owl. Come to shop or just hang out! Jamie’s favorite song is “Crowded Table” and it truly explains how Jamie feels about her home and The Twisted Owl Boutique! So come and gather around the table of friendship and fun!