Revolve Realty: Apex, N.C.



Get to know Apex, NC

According to Livibility, Apex, NC is located in Wake County and it has a population of 50,683. What about cost of living in Apex, NC? The median income in Apex, NC is $105,512 and the median home value is $334,456.


Apex, History & Culture

Much of the history, and name, of Apex, North Carolina revolves around a railroad. In 1854, the Chatham railroad was first chartered to run though the land that is present day Apex to encourage communication between the North Carolina Railroad Company and the Chatham County coal business. Some historians believe this movement was driven by the Civil War and the possibility of using the railroad as war supply strategy. It was more than a decade after the charter, however, before the first train ran through the station. With the continued use of the railroad station, a small community soon began to grow. By 1873, the area that was once known by locals as “Log Pond” became the town known today as Apex.


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