Revolve Realty: Durham, N.C.



Get to know Durham, NC

Step one foot into the downtown area of Durham and you are sure to quickly understand why Durham was ranked 23rd best place to live by livability.comIt is the best of big city life with the charm of a small southern town. From taking in a Durham Bulls baseball game or strolling through the American Tobacco Campus on a beautiful spring evening, you will want for nothing with all the restaurant, bars and shops. 

Durham is also home to one of the three RTP areas research universities, Duke University. Due to the amazing academic and research accomplishment and Durhams other attributes such as art museums, music culture, historic districts, parks and waterways, Livabilityhas ranked Durham #2 best college towns.    


History & Culture

Long before the Europeans showed up two Native American tribes the Eno and the Occaneechi lived and farmed the Durham area.

It was not until the early 1700s when John Lawson called  the area “the flow of the Carolinas.” From here the area was settled by English colonists.

The Tobacco Mills that popup during the 1800s survived the Civil War, but it was the post war celebration with both Yankee and Rebel troops celebrating together and discovering Brighleaf tobacco which led to the ultimate success of Washington Duke. 

In 1892 Trinity College moved to Durham with Washington Duke and Julian Carr donated money and land and Trinity Colledge was renamed Duke University in 1924. 

Read more Durham history from The Museum of Durham.