Why Use An Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent?

travel agent 1 / trâv-al/ /ae-jent/.The phrase harkens back to the glory days of travel, before the internet made it easy for anyone to book a trip themselves directly with a vendor. It was a time when your agent would see to it that every detail of your trip was well-planned, correctly booked, anShip.pngd suited specifically to you and your travel companions. For a while, it looked like Travel Agents mightgo the way of the dodo bird. But still, they persisted, lasting through economic downturns, airline crises, and even the more-accessible-than-ever Internet.So why do so many travelers turn to an agent even today? Consider these reasons:

Personal Attention:

Outlander Travel is dedicated to learning about your travel needs, wishes, and desires. We want to know who you travel with, what you like to do together, and what you hope to achieve with your trip. Are you all about beaches, hammocks, and drinks with little paper umbrellas? Do you want to be constantly entertained with attractions, thrill rides, and shows? Or are you a world explorer, looking to learn the secrets of all the many peoples and cultures on our planet? Are you an animal lover, reaching beyond the limits of zoos and movie screens to see nature’s wonders first hand? Or perhaps even more than animals, you simply seek adventure–hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, and sweating your way through the world’s bounty. Whatever your goals, Outlander wants to help you reach them. We want to listen, respond, and help advise you toward the perfect trip, every time.


The Internet is all about self-service. This seems like a fantastic advantage until you realize how many travel opportunities are really out there and try to narrow down your options to best suit your needs. This is where Outlander Travel can help. We can guide you through all the options you find and even suggest some you may have missed. Then we can talk you through those options in regard to your personal needs and wishes to help decide where you will get the most value for your hard-earned vacation dollars. Best of all, we are up to speed on current specials, sales, and promotions from many major suppliers and even more minor ones. You would be surprised how much a travel agent can save you both in time and in money.


Your trip could have several moving parts: air travel, land travel, hotels, tour guides, rental cars… it’s a lot to keep up with. Outlander Travel will package your trip for you, and then serve as a one-stop shop for answering your questions, concerns, or even helping to make changes and tweaks to your itinerary. And we can communicate with you by whichever means you prefer: telephone, chat, emails, and even face-to-face visits for the local folks. We want your vacation to be as fantastic as you do, and we will work hard to ensure that it is. And remember, there is usually no cost to you to use a travel agent. We try to work solely off of commission from the vendors. There are a few exceptions to this based on the sort of trip we are arranging for you. Any relevant fees will be discussed during our initial consultations.