Custom Farm Tables


If you are interested in any of the following customized farm tables, please contact us here.

The following types of custom farm tables are available:

  • Truss and Beam Table
  • Turned-Leg Table
  • Tapered Leg Table
  • Straight-Leg Table
  • Classic Round Table

Tables and benches for all styles, less than 4',  are charged at a minimum of 4' price per foot.

Truss and 1611610045765.jpgBeam Table

Truss and Beam Tables are $300 per linear foot

  • Optional bread-board ends are $325

Shown with optional bread-board ends. (Additional $250) 

Turned1611610332719.jpg-Leg Table

Turned leg tables are $350 per linear foot 

  • Optional bread-board ends are $400
  • Turned leg table and benches may have to be quoted individually based on type of leg selected.

Vineyard chairs are available thru The Rusty Bucket and can be custom matched to your table. 

Tap1611610622693.jpgered Leg Table

Tapered leg tables are $325per linear foot

  • Optional bread-board ends are $325

Shown with optional bench and Jr Windsor chairs.

Str1611610669892.jpgaight-Leg Table

Our straight leg table runs $325 per linear foot.

  • Optional breadboard ends are $325.

Shown with optional breadboard ends. 

C1611610713868.jpglassic Round Table

Our custom round tables are $375 a foot.

  • anything other than a standard pedestal base will need to be quoted separately
  • Corbal Pedestal style $350 additional

Various levels of distressing are based on customer's choice and included in the price of the tables. 

Looking for something a little different? 

Check out our Specialty Farm Tables!