Our Bucketheads

The designation “BucketHEAD” has come to represent o1611602058960.jpgne who loves The Rusty Bucket. Our Bucketheads come to the shop often, they decorate to match the The Rusty Bucket Country Style, they enjoy shopping with a close friend and will endure most anything to get in the door to shop. Being a “BucketHEAD” is an attitude, it is a state of mind and above all else it is a characterization that they proclaim with pride.

- Term coined by loyal BucketHEAD, Barbara Chalk.

ORB_ApexBusiness.pngur Community

The Rusty Bucket wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the tremendous support we receive from the community. From the amazing people to the fantastic location in Historic Downtown Apex, we've come to love this place! 

    “The sign above our door says ‘Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends’ and we truly mean that!   
  — Pam & Mack